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Each of our original Ayurvedic products brings you the wealth of traditional, ancient knowledge of holistic health and natural beauty. Discover the entire range of Maharishi Ayurveda: Proven, certified Ayurvedic products crafted from original recipes. Since 1987.

Quality and purity

Trust the purity of nature.

Our quality promise

Maharishi Ayurveda uses only authentic age-old knowledge of classical Ayurveda to develop, produce and deliver highest quality Ayurvedic products for modern life. Our first-class quality and purity is confirmed by strict controls and internationally recognised seals of approval.

Nutritional Supplements

Ayurvedic food supplements contain valuable plants and herbs, and naturally-occurring minerals to support individual and natural balance.
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Tea, Drinks and Spices

Enjoy aromatic Ayurvedic teas, delicious drink mixes, and exclusive spice blends made from original Ayurvedic recipes.
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Natural Cosmetics

Ayurvedic wellness from head to toe. Natural beauty and care with exclusive products and premium essential oils, for face, skin, and hair. Our natural Ayurvedic cosmetics are BDIH Certified.
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Maharishi Ayurveda is the leading provider of authentic, high-quality Ayurvedic products. Active in over 50 countries worldwide.

Ayurvedic products
for each type

Vata Products

Warming and balancing, good for stress, pressure, and travel.
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Pitta Products

Cooling and soothing. Excellent in summer.
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Kapha Products

Warming and stimulating. Ideal in cold, damp weather.
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Ayurvedic recipes
for every day

Experience the delicious variety of Ayurvedic cuisine. Enjoy exotic spices, fresh herbs, and seductive aromas. The right menu for every occasion.